Jehovahs Witnesses and Christianity

When you start having questions and doubts about the Jehovah's Witness group it is important not to make quick decisions or conclusions.  Our History and past is very wide and alot of information and opinions are out there.  Do not just jump from one group into another.  Take your time.  Do the research.  I know from experience that as social beings we want to quickly find another group of people to associate with but be careful!  You do not want to get hurt again while you are vulnerable. 

For me I found a great informative website called Bet Emet Ministries.  It is a pastor who has been doing research for many many years and had a lot of the same questions that Ex Jw's have.  As with anyone check it out first.  It may not be what you are looking for but it was for me.

Good Luck to you!  Stay informed and educate yourself.  We don't want to get hurt all over again.

Also, I found a lot of good information concerning the Rainbow Promise.  It is simple and in the Bible and so many people want to add to it.  And, when someone adds to it or changes it inevitably someone disagrees and schisms happen.  That causes divisions which do not need to be there.  We will not have peace until we all realize we are one big family.  Brothers and Sisters.

Jehovahs Witnesses and Pastor Russell

When I first started researching the origins of the Jehovahs Witnesses I was astounded by the amount of information on the web concerning the Bible Students and Pastor Russell.  I had always been taught that the Bible Students had turned into the group called Jehovahs Witnesses.  Not So.  In fact Pastor Russell had always been against turning his group into a large organization.  That seems to be a serious problem for many sincere groups at first.  They grown larger and then someone wants to take over and rule and make rules for everyone to follow etc. 

There is a group of people called the Friends of Jehovahs Witnesses that still have information about CT Russell and his original intentions available online.  They are Christian and seem to be open, caring, and loving individuals.  The information they provide is nothing like the story we heard about them from the JW Org. 

To me it is funny because as an 8-9 year old child sitting in the room with the  adults back in the 70's (they did not know i was listening)  i overheard them talking about the Bible Students in very hushed tones.  And when I would ask about it i was told to mind my own business.  Even back then the Bible Students must have been trying to alert the Jehovahs Witnesses that all was not as it seemed.

I am not saying that the Bible Students have all the answers either but they do seem to be open and honest and more accepting.  I really like that they have opened and sustain homes for their elderly members.  This to me is what we are supposed to be doing.  Not trying to get our elderly to sign over their homes and land to the Organization instead of leaving it to their family members who may or may not be Jehovahs Witnesses.  

It is very eye-opening when you compare what CT Russell preached versus what "Judge" Rutherford preached.  Not the same at all.  Why would a loving brother want to be called the "Judge"?!  That to me explains exactly why the Organization today is so heavy handed when "judging" their members.  Do not judge lest you be judged.  Also, if you have not done so already, look up Beth Sarim.  This was a house the Judge had built for himself that was a 10 bedroom mansion in CA from funds given by Jehovahs Witnesses and it was during the depression.  Today, many Jehovahs Witnesses are sincere but just ill-informed.  But, as for the Judge I really question what his motives were when I research his life-style back then. 

Be Informed.  Educate yourself.  Only then can you know the right path. 

3 Tips to Help Jehovahs Witness Depression

It has come to my attention that many Jehovah's Witnesses suffer depression for a wide variety of reasons.  I am no longer a Jehovahs Witness but many of my friends and family are.  So this is very important to me. 
One website i found to have good information is  They recommend:

1.  Go outside.  Get some fresh air and sunshine.
2.  Good ol' exercise.  Go for a nice walk or bike ride.
3.  Start a journal or diary.  Get your feelings out. 

Also don't forget: laughter is the best medicine.  Visit with friends and loved ones.  Let them know how you are feeling.  Let's get through this together.  You do not have to do this alone.  Do not suffer in silence.  If your negative feelings do not go away seek help.  Tell your doctor.

We all feel down sometimes but if it continues get help.  Do you have trouble sleeping or concentrating.  Do you feel irritable more times than not?  Do you feel aches and pains but the doctor says you appear to be in good health?  These could be signs of depression and you should let your doctor know.  Educate yourself.  Do some research into the signs and what you can do about your depression. has some good advice as well as living is another website that had some very good information.

Help For Jehovahs Witness Depression

I have been asking myself lately:  how can I help my depressed Jehovahs Witness loved ones if they will not associate with me?  Maybe someone else has been asking the same thing.  I have asked myself this question alot over the last three years since I left the JW religion.  But, this week it is even more important.  You see, my family member just committed suicide.  And, she is not the only one.  I have four family members who have done this and countless others have thought about it at one time or another.  There must be something I can do?!!  But, how?!  Since leaving the Jehovahs Witness congregation many of my family members will not speak to me. 

What I have decided to do in the meantime is be prepared.  I will do some research into how to help.  What are the signs?  How to help someone who does not know they need help.  How to help someone who is trying to fake happiness.  I will be prepared because at some point I believe someone will come forward and reach out for help and I will be ready and will be able to help them.

Take for example my mother.  I love her dearly but she says that since I have "turned my back on Jehovah" she can no longer have a relationship with me.  But, on occasion (illnesses and death for instance) she will contact me.  I take these times to reassure her of my love and acceptance.  In the past I used to try to get her to see my side and how hurtful her attitude was.  But, that was no help at all.  Now I try to be understanding and accepting and give her unconditional love.  Maybe in the future she will remember this and come to me for help.

If you have any advice you would like to share please do so.

How to Help Depressed Jehovahs Witness

I recently found out that a loved one of mine committed suicide.  She was a Jehovah's Witness and appeared to be happy.  She seemed to have so much to be happy about.  She was healthy physically and has a lot of close family members and new grandchildren.  How could this have happened?  She has been a Jehovah's Witness all of her life and enjoyed the meetings and had lots of JW friends and family.  How did I not know?   Did anyone know? 

Has this happened to you also?  I am still in shock over this and decided to do some research and find out how many people this is happening to.   And, how can we know if someone is feeling depressed but covering it up and putting on a fake smile?

I have felt sad in my life and discouraged but so far managed to overcome this when it happens.  This is normal.  We all feel this way at some point in our life.  But, what happens if we cannot overcome it?  And how do we help our friends and loved ones when it happens to them?

If we notice a loved one who seems down a lot of the time we need to encourage them.  Be a good listener.  Ask them what they need.  Show compassion.  Reassure them that they are loved and that there is help available if these negative feelings do not go away.  We may even volunteer to go to counseling with them. 

Be aware though that some Jehovah's Witnesses may not want to see a non-witness therapist.  What then?  Maybe we could do some research on what others around you have done.  Maybe they could recommend someone.  We could encourage them to see their regular doctor who they are already familiar with and talk to them about medication.  

Above all just be a good listener.  Let them know they are loved and that you are there for them.  And, do not forget to take care of yourself as well.  If we aren't healthy ourselves we can not be there for anyone else. 

If you have any experience or advice please share.

Speak Out Against JW Depression and Suicide

I believe that the suicide rate among Jehovah's Witnesses has gotten worse and that if we stay quiet about this problem it will continue to get worse.  We cannot let this happen!  But, what can we do?  Especially since most of our friends and family members will not speak to non-JW's.  Well, I have a few ideas I would like to share with you and please share yours as well.  If we can at least save one person by speaking out against JW depression and suicide then it will be worthwhile.

For me I think the most important thing we can do is become aware of the problem.  Educate ourselves so that when we see signs we will know what we can do.  And communicate.  So many suffer in silence thinking they are the only one having these feelings.  They need to know they are not alone.  Lets conquer this together with love and understanding.  Please, if you have comments or experience, please share it with us.  We do not want to lose any more loved ones to depression or suicide.  It is a tragedy that does not have to happen.

I remember as a child my mother and aunts talking about this issue (when they thought we were too young to understand).  I remember hearing them say that they felt after reading the Watchtower and Awake that it would not be a good idea to see a "worldly" therapist.  And, they did not want to bring negative light to the congregation.  They felt it was a family problem, and that most families were not having the same problems.  But, years later this is still a problem.  With all that we have learned about depression-people are still not seeking help!  I have lost another dear family member!  We must help make changes-to save others from suffering.

Please share your experience.  How has it affected you or your loved ones?  What have you tried-that maybe others can do also to help there loved ones?  I will do more research and try and post what positive things others have done and are doing to improve this situation.

With Love and Encouragement

Jehovahs Witnesses and Depression

Jehovah's Witnesses and depression.  This is something I have thought a lot about over the last few years.  Depression among Jehovah's Witnesses has been a very big problem for a very long time.  One would hope and think that the statistics have gotten better.  That less Jehovah's Witnesses are having a hard time with depression and hopelessness.  That more Jehovah's Witnesses are getting help and seeking medical attention. 

Sadly, I don't think this is the case.  In fact,  there is much evidence that it has not gotten better and is worse.  Why?!  It has been my experience that many Witnesses do not seek help because they are embarrassed and/or they do not want to bring negative attention to the family and congregation.  Instead they choose to suffer in silence.  They may also be scared to seek help because they do not know who to see.  Should they see a worldly doctor?  And many may not even know they have depression. 

This is a very sad situation and we all need to do some research on what are the signs and symptoms and what can we do to help our loved ones that may not be able to help themselves.  Please....if you have any advice on what has worked for you and your family.....please share with others.  Thank you!